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Why hire me as your SEO freelancer?

Hi, I’m Sascha, with over 9 years of performance marketing experience in the heart of Silicon Valley (USA), London (UK), and Germany I have created and managed many SEO campaigns. Since September 2020 I have been an independent marketing freelancer with a focus on SEO, performance marketing, and marketing automation.

“Sascha is an SEO wizard.”
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Possible collaboration

Short-term project

  • For those who are just starting with SEO or need a boost: full SEO audit, technical on-site SEO optimization, keyword improvement of existing content, batch/front-load content creation, and off-page boost.
  • Suitable for new domains to escape the Google Sandbox, lower budgets, or even established sites that need extra leverage for future SEO projects.
  • Short-term SEO projects take about 3 months to implement. 6 months after project completion, I provide a free SEO analysis to assess the initial results and develop a further SEO strategy if needed.

Long-term partnership

  • I can be your SEO freelancer. Every SEO project starts with an analysis and a strategy.
  • Unlike most SEO agencies, however, this strategy is not necessarily divided into 12 equal steps (monthly deliveries), but a dynamic roadmap, with a high focus on rapid optimization. As you surely know, it sometimes takes up to 6 months for SEO tactics to take effect.

The 4 elements of search engine optimization

Technical On-Page SEO

Cleaning up technical SEO errors, such as metadata (SEO titles, H1 headings, broken links or page speed). E-A-T improvement (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness). Since a Google Core Update in 2021, E-A-T is more and more important.

Keyword Optimization

Optimization of existing content (content adjustments, internal links, strategic keyword placements, metadata optimization).

Content Calendar & Creation

Based on a keyword strategy, SEO-friendly content tailored to the true search intent will be created. With a focus on the ideal text length, long-tail keywords, semantically relevant keywords, internal linking, and important questions. Forming content clusters, to increase topical authority. Each article is created based on an SEO content brief. Mostly, articles are created as fast as possible in batch (front-loading).

Off-page SEO/link building

Targeted, manual, and natural backlink building (100% white-hat).

SEO Roadmap

My approach as an SEO consultant

It all starts with analyzing with what is working and what you are missing. Content and keyword gap analysis.

Scanning the site for potential errors. We will then clean up the errors and simultaneously optimize the on-page SEO.

Identifying quick SEO wins like optimizing existing content or improving on-page E-E-A-T.

Based on keyword and content gaps, we will create a content calendar based on your processes, budget and competitor landscape

Manual building a natural backlink profile based on a multi-set of link-building techniques: Link insertions, expert quotes, guest posts, digital PR, citations, and more.

SEO Freelancer vs Agency

SEO Freelancer

  • Customized solution
  • Flexible adjustments whenever needed
  • Direct access to the SEO expert
  • Flexible collaboration (length, scope, pricing)
  • No agency structure fees ($)
  • Consulting outside SEO possible
  • Always the same contact person

SEO Agency

  • One size fits all
  • Fixed deliverables
  • Contact with an account manager (not an expert)
  • Long-term contracts without flexibility
  • High structural costs ($$$)
  • Pure focus on SEO
  • Changing team – loss of know-how and experience with the campaigns

SEO Fields of Expertise

SEO Website Audit

Keyword Research

Technical On-Page Optimization

SEO Content Calendar

SEO Content Brief

SEO Content Creation


SEO Reports

Local SEO