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Are your LinkedIn ads too expensive and inefficient? Then you’re like most LinkedIn advertising newbies.

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Why hire me as your LinkedIn Ads freelancer?

Hi, I’m Sascha, with over 9 years of performance marketing experience in the heart of Silicon Valley (USA), London (UK), and Germany I have created and managed many LinkedIn B2B marketing campaigns. Since September 2020, I am an independent marketing freelancer with a focus on paid media, SEO, and marketing automation. With some workshops at LinkedIn’s HQ in San Francisco and phone calls with LinkedIn, I have some tips and tricks that will improve your campaigns.

“Sascha helped us to finally crack the LinkedIn code.”
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4 star rating
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Possible collaboration

One-time project

  • For small projects that need help with a successful setup or one-time optimization

Short-term collaboration

  • Not interested in long-term agreements? No problem! 3 – 6 months cooperation possible.

Long-term partnership

  • I can be your LinkedIn Ads Campaign Manager. Continuously creation and adjustment of campaigns. Assistance in all online marketing.

Performance marketing results like these don’t lie

LinkedIn Ads Lead-Gen Success Story

A lead generation strategy for a B2B company in the healthcare industry was taken over in February 2022. The very specific audience required laser-focused targeting settings and monitoring.

linkedin ads lead generation success story


Reduction in cost per lead
  • Consistent 26% reduction in cost per lead (CPL) (average CPL before $310; after $228).
  • Increased lead quality
  • Integration of leads into CRM and marketing automation system.

LinkedIn Ads Lifecycle Marketing

Marketing messages along the entire marketing lifecycle.

Awareness & Reach

Much of the effort should be designed around awareness. LinkedIn is great for building a conversion funnel within the platform.


Engagement and consideration are important components of a LinkedIn advertising strategy.


Lead generation through content downloads, signups, or contact inquiries.

My LinkedIn Ads Campaign Approach

It all starts with analyzing with what is working and what you are missing. We will spy on competitors and analyze the competitive landscape for creatives, landing pages, and offerings.

We will start with lower budgets to start the campaign. Rolling out more and more campaigns.

The heavy lifting is often at the beginning of the campaign. Re-define creatives, processes, and targeting.

Once, the campaign is performing well, we can scale budgets and generate more leads.

LinkedIn Ads management is never over. You need to stay ahead of the game and keep optimizing your campaign, as well as test variations.

LinkedIn Ads Freelancer vs Agency

Google Ads Freelancer

  • Customized solution
  • Flexible adjustments whenever needed
  • Direct access to the Google Ads expert
  • Flexible collaboration (length, scope, pricing)
  • No agency structure fees ($)
  • Consulting outside LinkedIn Ads is possible
  • Always the same contact person

Google Ads Agency

  • One size fits all
  • Fixed deliverables
  • Contact with an account manager (not an expert)
  • Long-term contracts without flexibility
  • High structural costs ($$$)
  • Pure focus on LinkedIn Ads
  • Changing team – loss of know-how and experience with the campaigns

Why do most LinkedIn ad campaigns fail?

Too Little Budget

LinkedIn is very expensive, so you need a sufficient budget. 10 dollars per day is the minimum requirement to even start a campaign. However, this often means only 2 – 4 clicks per day.

Wrong Goals

Pure sales lead generation rarely works. It’s like cold calling with poor conversion numbers. Therefore, it requires a fully comprehensive LinkedIn strategy. People don’t want a sales call just because they saw an ad on LinkedIn. Unfortunately, true.

No Strategy

Running LinkedIn ads without a strategy: individual campaigns, different audiences, different marketing messages, incorrect targeting, and more.

Comparison to Google Ads

Google search ads capture people with search intent. LinkedIn pushes ads. The stage in the sales process is different. Lead is not equal to lead.

Comparison to Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are significantly cheaper. On LinkedIn, you pay a premium price because there is no other platform that can target these B2B audience characteristics. Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), however, can be significantly better despite higher cost per lead, due to ideal lead quality.

No Follow-Up/Automation

Leads are generated but without follow up. Contacts often need to be manually downloaded from LinkedIn. No CRM and marketing automation interface. Never leave a lead behind.

LinkedIn Ads services

  • Target audience research
  • Campaign creation
  • Tracking integration
  • Ad design
  • Content strategy
  • Marketing automation