Marketing expert that ties campaigns to revenue

It all started with dive shops… and went deeper than that.​

I’m a marketing enthusiast with a great network of marketing professionals.

I’ve worked in Silicon Valley’s marketing and media world for over 5 years and helped many local businesses to take their marketing to the next level.

My focus is always to tie marketing campaigns back to real business outcomes – leads, pipeline, revenue, Customer-Lifetime-Value (CLTV).

Campaign metrics are for me to optimize – business metrics for you to run your firm.

How the idea began

After working in the corporate world I decided to set shop myself. Working with my former network and expanding through referrals has been great but I wanted to help local dive shops with their marketing as I saw the need in the market. No offense but most dive shop’s marketing sucks…

I quickly learned that other local businesses need help with their marketing, too. From scuba dive shop exclusively, we expanded into other niches like real estate, car appraiser, lawyers, and even furniture e-commerce.

I believe so much of the value of marketing I can bring to your local business that I offer 100% risk-free packages and a free 30-min consultation to get started.

What’s your excuse not to start with marketing and grow your business?

Dive Into Marketing

I have global marketing experiences learned and applied in the Silicon Valley and am now headquartered in Germany. Trust that I can help you with your marketing?