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Why hire me as your SEO freelancer?

Hi, I’m Sascha, with over 8 years of performance marketing experience in the heart of Silicon Valley (USA), London (UK), and Germany I have created and managed many SEO campaigns. Since September 2020 I am an independent marketing freelancer with a focus on SEO, performance marketing and marketing automation.

Possible collaboration

Short-term project

For those who are just starting with SEO or need a boost: full SEO audit, technical on-site SEO optimization, keyword improvement of existing content, batch/front-load content creation, and off-page boost.

Suitable for new domains to escape the Google Sandbox, lower budgets, or even established sites that need extra leverage for future SEO projects.

Short term SEO projects take about 3 months to implement. 6 months after project completion, I provide a free SEO analysis to assess the initial results and develop a further SEO strategy if needed.

Long-term partnership

I can be your SEO freelancer. Every SEO project starts with an analysis and a strategy.

Unlike most SEO agencies, however, this strategy is not necessarily divided into 12 equal steps (monthly deliveries), but a dynamic roadmap, with a high focus on rapid optimization. As you surely know, it sometimes takes up to 6 months for SEO tactics to take effect.

The 4 elements of search engine optimization

Technical On-Page SEO

Cleaning up technical SEO errors, such as metadata (SEO titles, H1 headings, broken links or page speed). E-A-T improvement (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness). Since a Google Core Update in 2021, E-A-T is more and more important.

Keyword optimization

Optimization of existing content (content adjustments, internal links, strategic keyword placements, metadata optimization).

Content creation

Based on a keyword strategy, SEO-friendly content tailored to the true search intent will be created. With a focus on the ideal text length, long-tail keywords, semantically relevant keywords, internal linking, and important questions. Forming content clusters, to increase topical authority. Each article is created based on an SEO content brief. Mostly, articles are created as fast as possible in batch (front-loading).

Off-page SEO/link building

Targeted, manual, and natural backlink building (100% white-hat).

SEO Roadmap

My approach as an SEO consultant

Complete analysis of the current situation.

Keyword analysis incl. gaps to competitors, clusters, and SEA keywords.

Fixing technical SEO errors, such as broken links, 301 redirect chains, metadata, image alt attributes, load times, and more. Simultaneous optimization of metadata for keyword optimization

Focus on existing pages and keywords that already rank on page 2 or bottom of first page of search results. Content optimization, strategic keyword placement, internal links.

Creation of content according to keyword research. Formation of content clusters.

Strategic backlink building – tailored for each page/keyword.

SEO results like these don't lie

B2B media company success story

Campaign launch January 1, 2021

Goal: Organic growth through targeted content marketing. 

Challenge: No SEO strategy thus far, content was created without SEO focus, website with some technical on-site SEO errors.

Result: 13x organic traffic per month (increasing trend).

Brand-new website success story

Campaign start: July 1, 2021

Goal: Creation of a content site

Challenge: Very difficult niche for online marketing. Strong competition.

Results: Over 9000 organic monthly sessions were achieved within 12 months. A total of over 36k clicks were generated from Google.

Local SEO success story

Campaign start date: March 1, 2021

Goal: A regional company wanted to increase website visibility. 

Challenge: National competitors with strong online presences also operate in the local market. Limited budget to create new website content.

Result: Within one year, with minimal resources, we managed to almost triple organic website traffic (195% year-over-year growth).

SEO Freelancer vs Agency

SEO Freelancer

SEO Agency

SEO fields of expertise

SEO Website Audit

Keyword Research

Technical On-Page Optimization

SEO Content Calendar

SEO Content Brief

SEO Content Creation


SEO Reports

Local SEO

FAQ - Frequently asked SEO questions

Unfortunately, there is no blanket answer. Even though we calculate our costs on hourly rates, I never charge for an SEO project by the hour, but by professional SEO services. However, unlike SEO agencies, I am flexible, and don’t have to work and bill according to a checklist.

This also depends on many factors. Overall, the following areas must be covered: Uncovering errors/improvement opportunities, working out the improvement opportunities, and implementation. In addition, content must also be created. Is this done in-house? Thus, a lot of costs already fall away. On the other side, should it be created by the SEO freelancer, these are additional costs.

You can achieve something with almost any budget. Best, let’s talk personally about your situation.

You should expect about 6 months (or even longer – depending on the current SEO performance) until the first effects of the SEO tactics are achieved. Therefore, for new websites or relaunches, it is advisable to enter into a short-term project rather than a 12-month partnership to properly set up the website for success. After that, you can always continue to work together.

No. Online stores are very complex, and there are certainly better people to talk to there. I have little experience in this area.

Is renting better than buying? Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet answer. I strongly believe that both marketing strategies should coexist. The good thing about SEA/Google Ads is instant results and easy scaling. The problem is that you have to invest steadily. If you stop a campaign, no more leads will be generated. 

SEO is different. Once set up, it can work for you for a very long time.

No. SEO is a very complex subject that you can’t learn overnight. There are many online courses or free resources that can help you.

In general, no. But just inquire for a project. In the worst case, I can recommend someone or provide other starting points.

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