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“Thanks to Sascha, we reduced the cost per leads by 49% in a very short time.”

Do you want to optimize your Google Ads campaign and are dissatisfied with complicated agency structures and prices? Contact a Google Ads expert directly with individual solutions to your personal situation.

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Why hire me as your Google Ads freelancer?

Hi, I’m Sascha, with over 8 years of performance marketing experience in the heart of Silicon Valley (USA), London (UK), and Germany I have created and managed many Google Ads campaigns. Since September 2020 I am an independent marketing freelancer with a focus on Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, SEO and marketing automation.

  • 8+ years Google Ads experience
  • $500,000+ annual Google Ad budget management
  • No isolated approach – full lifecycle marketing

Possible collaboration

One-time project

For small projects that need help with a successful setup or customization.

Short-term collaboration

Not interested in long-term dependencies? No problem! 3 – 6 months cooperation possible.

Long-term partnership

I can be your Google Ads Manager. Continuous creation and adjustment of campaigns. Assistance in all online marketing.

Performance marketing results like these don't lie

B2B success story

A campaign with a monthly budget of 36T USD was taken over in February 2022. In the first month, a full analysis was performed (keywords, landing pages, ads, competitors, and more). After implementing initial adjustments, the cost per lead (conversion) was significantly reduced. With constant optimizations, we managed to reduce the cost per lead by 40+%. All this with the same budget to drastically increase the number of inquiries.

In addition, laser-focused campaigns increased lead quality.

  • Full analysis
  • Adjustments of keywords, search terms and negative keywords
  • Improvement of search ads
  • Optimization of landing pages
  • Individual adjustments across the numerous ad groups
  • 40+ % CPL reduction
  • More inquiries
  • Increased lead quality
Google Ads Freelancer B2B case study

B2C success story

Improving lead quality: a Google Ads campaign was taken over in January 2022. The offering is a very targeted financial product for end consumers. By narrowing keywords, optimizing landing pages, and ads, lead quality was dramatically increased. As a result, without increasing the advertising budget, business opportunities (pipeline) three folded. 

  • Complete analysis
  • Narrowing of keywords to minimize wastage
  • Improvement of search ads
  • Optimization of landing pages
  • Increased lead quality: 300% more pipeline
  • Reduced cost per lead & cost per new customer
  • 180% Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) from negative – 90% ROAS

Google Ads freelance services

Google Ads Campaign Creation

Setup of Google Ads account, campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords. Keyword research, including "spying" on competitors. Ensure conversion tracking and Google Analytics are properly implemented.

Google Ads Conversion Funnel - User Flow

Creating and optimizing the entire conversion funnel, from keywords, to ads, to landing pages and marketing automation. Experience a user flow first-hand by contacting me: Fill out the contact form -> Schedule some time on my calendar + receive an automated email

Google Ads Optimization

Constant adjustments and improvements of Google Ads campaigns in close collaboration.

Google Ads Reporting

Monthly Google Ads performance reports of the most important KPIs.

My Google Ads consulting approach

1. Audit & Research

2. Setup with reduced budget

3. Adjust-ments

4. Scaling

5. Ongoing

1. Audit & Research

2. Setup with reduced budget

3. Adjust-ments

4. Scaling

5. Ongoing

Google Ads Freelancer vs Agency

Google Ads Freelancer

Google Ads Agency

Google Ads campaigns & advertising formats

SEA search ads

Ads on the Google search network. Appear in relevant search queries of potential customers. Google Ads are pay-per-click, meaning you only pay when a user clicks on your ad.

Google Display Ads

Banner advertising in the Google publisher network. Ideal for branding and increasing awareness, but also for retargeting website visitors.

YouTube Video Ads

Often still overlooked due to a "complex" campaign setup. YouTube can be a very good advertising tactic.


Monthly Google Ads performance reports of the most important KPIs.

Google Maps ads

Local ads on Google Maps and the map pack

Call-only ads

Ads that generated more phone calls

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