Small and Mid-Sized Marketing

Scuba Marketing helps local and national businesses with their marketing. From single solutions like SEO or Paid Media to full Lifecycle Marketing.

B2C & B2B Areas of Focus

Scuba Marketing is so much more than our name suggests. I focus on small and mid-sized businesses beyond dive shops.

Did you know that 71% of divers start their research on Google when they plan a dive trip?

81% contact 2-3 dive centers before they book with one. 

We are committed that your dive shop gets one of these 3 calls! 

With over 5 years of experience in the AdTech and B2B Media World, this niche fits naturally in our skill-set.

National and local real estate companies and agents. A highly competitive niche requires an unique marketing strategy.

Green marketing instead of green washing. From sustainable tech companies, over video production, to charities.

We all need to do our part to a sustainable world. Scuba Marketing helps your company make an impact with real green marketing.

Small business with a local presence like Lawyers, Construction Companies, Car Appraisers, and Exterminators. Small and local businesses require a spot-on marketing plan to make often small budgets work for them.

Scuba Marketing always focuses on the business impact of our marketing campaigns. So much that we offer 100% risk-free lead generation packages.

Soloproneurs with solutions and services that needs explanation. I help you promote and generate leads for medium- to high-ticket offerings: Coaching, consultations, web development, or simply you as a product.